You probably already know that your journey to acquire a Polish passport can be very complex. If you choose to work with Polaron, we will handle the entire process for you. This includes free case assessment, development of an Action Plan, research, translations and liaising with the Polish government on all aspects of your application. Best of all, the outcome of your application will be guaranteed, or you will get your money back. Here are all the steps of how you can work with Polaron towards getting your Polish (EU) passport. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Step 1 – Free Case Assessment

Hopefully, you have already provided us with some basic information on your ancestors and your life plans. One of our citizenship experts will work with you to develop an Action Plan, by gathering more information and consulting on-line archival resources, exchanging documents and discussing your case with you. Your free Action Plan will include a detailed outline of what we can do for you, timelines, payment options, written money-back guarantee and a confidentiality undertaking. Please bear in mind that every case is different and whilst most people are able to proceed directly to the confirmation of citizenship in Poland, many others do not have sufficient evidence to back up their claim. In those cases, research needs to be carried out first. This will be reflected in your Action Plan. Until you make a decision to continue with our services, everything is free and there is no obligation for you to proceed. We look forward to learning more about your heritage and assisting you with your query.

Step 2 – Approval of Action Plan

If you are happy with your Action Plan, we will ask you to approve it by signing our agreement and letters of authority. The agreement sets out the contractual obligations that bind you and Polaron. The letters of authority will allow us to conduct research and to act on your behalf in Poland and other jurisdictions.

Step 3 – Research and Document Gathering

The research component is the most time-consuming, complex part of the process. It involves gathering all the documents necessary to prove to the Polish authorities that you have a rightful claim to Polish citizenship. We also need to link you to your direct Polish ancestors. We will conduct all the research needed to obtain the proof required by the Polish authorities, but some documents will need to be provided by you, including your birth certificate and photo ID. We will help you every step of the way and keep you informed of the progress as we go along.

Step 4 – Lodgement

Once we have gathered all the required proof of your ancestor's Polish citizenship and your vital records, we will apply to have your Polish citizenship confirmed at the Voivodeship Office. Your application is submitted in Polish, with all documentation certified and translated in accordance with the regulations in Poland. We will also need to register your birth and/or marriage certificate with the Polish civil registry authorities. If you have changed your name, then we will also have to register your name change in Poland. Your application will take some time to process and your case officer may have questions or queries. Your case officer's time lines can be difficult to predict because they work to the internal governmental standards. We will address these matters as and when they happen. The outcome of this step is the confirmation of your Polish citizenship and a Polish birth/marriage certificate.

Step 5 – Passport and PESEL Application

Once your confirmation of citizenship has been received, you will be ready to apply for your passport. We will help prepare the application for you and assist you with the booking of an appointment for you at your nearest Polish Consulate. Along with your Polish passport, you will be issued with a PESEL number. This number is akin to a social security number and is compulsory for all Polish citizens. It takes several weeks for your passport to arrive as passports are produced in Poland.

Step 6 – Success!

You now have a Polish passport and are free to move around and work in Europe!